Hopes and Wishes, written by Pauline Saull, Banora Point

Seven county councils each with its own need.
Could they work much better if administered from Tweed?

Improved social contacts would surely be a start
with council and the public each to play their part.
For problems tackled sooner are less likely to explode
If everyone involved agrees – 'We'll work to the same code."
Areas to be tackled, we all should have a say,
Like alcohol among the young which worsens day by day.
Thoughtless killing; maiming, when will these youngsters learn?
Can't they see the danger? Next may be their turn?
Binge drinking, drugs, a potent mix that many just can't take.
Alcopops? Tax to the hilt for everybody's sake!
Then comes age care, schools and roads, hospitals and such,
Each in urgent need of... a monetary crutch.
But with amalgamation of the councils power and might
Lives may be enlightened the future could look bright.
Yet...I am just Joe Public, lightweight is my voice
For Until the next election, then I'll have a choice.
So when the time comes round again be careful who you pick
Remember all that's bothered you before you place your tick.
All we want for this great place is safety, hope and care
Tweedshire is our home, we don't want to be elsewhere.