We Stand Together, written by Emmylou Cornell Cieslar, Kyogle

An amazing community,
We stand together,
Through floods and bad weather,

We stood against CSG.The markets
Sell anything from food to carpets,
The farms link our arms together we stand hand in hand,
The fertile land,
Clubs and lands,
Kyogle community,
Diversity, better than any city,
The young and the old,
Through the hot and the cold,
We stand together,
Lovely lands arms linked hand in hand,
When it come to rest,
We close our eyes,
Knowing we are the best,
Because we stand hand in hand,
And heart to heart,
But the Kyogle cinema is in desperate need,
So help them please,
Just to see we can enjoy movies,
You and me,
We fundraise but are it enough,
When times are tough,
Once again we stand together,
Hand in hand, heart to heart
We stand.