Writer's Competition Submission 3

Highly Commended
Evermore, written by Cate McQuillen, Camira Creek

Beyond the city's urban sprawl
Where cars and concrete rule the terrain...


Here, where the thickened air fills each breath I take,
Amidst the mist of mountain's climbs
And river's froth and ocean's foam.
Here in forests tall and glades of fern
Glistening in dewy delight
And where moss-laden rocks guard the north.
Always have, always will!
It is here, the rainbow of the earth arches above my head
...here that I call home.

With eyes open
I dare to dream a future for this perfect place
and the vision is of
a land apart...
of a people apart...
of a dream made real.

It would be easy to follow the lead of the south,
To grow and grow and change so much
that our home is no longer recognizable
and no one would yearn for here
or long for here...

Somewhere the answers lie
In keeping all that is rare and right
And imbuing it with a new economy,
A vision far beyond the scope of present leaders minds.

A place where happiness is the currency
And because of that,
all else prospers.
Where health of land,
of creatures
of people
Runs the conversation.
It is from this wellbeing that all else prevails,
Where gain occurs without loss.

And where richness flows because of the sensitivity
Of knowing our place amongst the bigger story...
Knowing the part we play

Somewhere ...
some place needs to take the challenge
And no better place than here,
With a history as old as the rocks,
A people as old as the earth
Where settlers came full of hope and passion
Much later, a new age ready for change
And recently they left the city in droves looking for something better
Now we find ourselves all here...together.

On a map, not drawn by our hands
Not walked by our feet
Not known to us.

I wish for a different map.
One with not a mine or well in sight
Where gas makes us money by staying in the ground,
A carbon promise locked away.

A place where the cleanest of water
nurtures the food that grows
And feeds and fuels the hearts of the world.
Of the tastes that are added and mixed
to create value far beyond the simplest of seeds.
Where industry is mindful of its cycle and has grown to lead,
Selling its wisdom as well as its goods.
Where the north becomes the greenest manufacturers of the world.
Where innovation has long ago taken over from exploration of what lies below the earth on which we now tread lightly.

A farmscape of pure goodness
A blissful holiday mecca like no other
With so much to explore and learn and so many places to sit with the wonder of nature... swim , sing, dream , hike, paddle, soar or wander.

Where trees are worth more in the ground than in a writing pad.
Where people love service and provide skills and trades, close to home.
Where we travel lightly on rails and fuel or homes with the sun
...The abundant sun that shines so freely here
Creating the power for the cities down south.
Where the wires sing with the light of the sun rather than the dust of coal.

A creativity hub that turns art into gold,
An alchemists delight.

A medicine bowl,

A learning leader,
sharing knowledge that is wanted by so many,
Training the minds of the now and beyond...evermore.

Where children can believe that their children will have a wonderful future...evermore.

Where sustainability has not only sustained us
But saved us
by us really knowing what it means to sustain
And then living it! evermore