2nd Prize Winner
A Reflection, written By Kol Dimond, Mullumbimby

My community is my life. My life is everything.

From the cradle to the grave I travel, my footsteps my own from which to unravel

 Embracing those that both live and share, a unique way of life and a duty of care

A region full of vibrant colour and gloss, from the easterly sands to the westerly moss

People from all walks of life set the tone, creating a space which we all call home

From builders and tradies to hippies alike, we gather together via tractors and bikes

Not only to challenge our preconceived pasts, but to implement and nut out a future that lasts

The city the town the village the street, the park and the pub and the places we meet

To eat and to laugh or disagree as we vote, a mutual respect between Buddha and Pope!!!

Tofu chips with a wheatgrass shake, sit side by side with a sirloin steak

Barefoot kids in frills and tutus, mix with tuff little nuggets in shorts and shoes

Hills and beach, mansion or shack, a magical rainbow that brings people back

A place so treasured in fact maybe loved to death, the problems we face need a big deep breath

Like most things in life we need to discuss how to plan for our future with respect and trust

The coming of minds both past and present, common ground found, robust but pleasant

Our strengths lie in the people we are, dynamic involvement, mixed genders mixed class

A vivid assortment of races and creed, shared common goals and bright coloured dreams

What sets us apart is our lust for life, our love for the planet and our zest for the fight

We demand nothing less than what is fair, as we strive to survive with outspoken flair

Our ethics and morals are loud, a unique community that stands out from the crowd

Not arrogant elitist or pure, but concerned global citizens with love at our core

Our children are both creative and strong, with a clear sense of justice of what's right and what's wrong

And as the sun sets on a generation past, it is with great confidence that the baton is passed

My community. My life .