Writer's Competition

writing comp

Our 2013 Writing Competition has closed, but you can still submit an entry to be included on the website or check out the submissions below.

Submissions are invited (up to 600 words) responding to the questions below...

What do we know about our region? Who are our communities? What are our strengths, differences and common interests? What changes do we want to make to the region for the future?

From your written pieces, we hope to learn more about our region. Through these written pieces, together with evidence we are seeking from engaging the community in all manner of ways – we hope to find out what changes we need to make to our region for a better future. The top 10 entries will be published as part of the the Regional Social Plan in August 2013.

1st place went to Eli Pietens from East Lismore, who won two tickets for Byron Bay Writers Festival with his piece 'Sameside'. Eli is a father of four and has lived in the Northern Rivers for nearly twenty years.

"I've always been interested in the power of language, particularly in order to make people think, to challenge the way we see the world, to inspire and originally to make people laugh," said Eli.

2nd place went to Kol Dimond from Mullumbimby who won a $100 local author book bag with his piece 'A Reflection'.

Highly Commended: Cate McQuillen from Camira Creek, 'Evermore'.

Kyogle Public School students also submitted 17 entries to the competition. We were very impressed by the students entries, the quality of their writing and the importance they placed on their local region. A special mention was made by judges for the work of Kyogle student Emmylou Cornell Cieslar, with her piece 'We Stand Together'.

See Below for some of The Entries

Winner of the 2013 Writer's Competition:
Sameside, written by Eli Pietens, East Lismore

This green jewel, north of the south and south of north
The longitudinal apex of a pregnant continent
A place where many are born and more come to be reborn
The first to receive the sun's touch in the dawn.

2nd Prize Winner
A Reflection, written By Kol Dimond, Mullumbimby

My community is my life. My life is everything.

From the cradle to the grave I travel, my footsteps my own from which to unravel

Highly Commended
Evermore, written by Cate McQuillen, Camira Creek

Beyond the city's urban sprawl
Where cars and concrete rule the terrain...

We Stand Together, written by Emmylou Cornell Cieslar, Kyogle

An amazing community,
We stand together,
Through floods and bad weather,

I love Tuesdays in Lismore, written by Ros Fleetwood, Coffee Camp

I love Tuesdays in Lismore.
The early morning autumn fog wafts across the road. We drive cautiously, alert for shadows of cows fresh from their milking machines. We weave amongst newly formed potholes; a legacy of the weeks of continuous rain.

Hopes and Wishes, written by Pauline Saull, Banora Point

Seven county councils each with its own need.
Could they work much better if administered from Tweed?

What makes us happy, written by Diane Hart from Mullumbimby

I recently went to see the new film by social activist Helena Norberg-Hodge called the 'Economics of Happiness'. This film highlights the damaging effects of globalization on communities and is a cry from the heart for 'Keeping it Local' to help restore and heal our planet and it's people.

Mental Health Services in the Clarence Valley, written by Catherine Porter, Yamba

Access to health services and in this instance a more readily available mental health crisis unit or at least access to a mental health practitioner at the Treelands Drive Community Centre in Yamba. Someone that will be available during the day or on call, a person that is qualified who can be contacted in an emergency. That service must be affordable by all, that is, to be claimable through Medibank so that the less fortunate are able to access the services provided without having to endure the situation knowing they are unable to afford the consultation and ongoing resource availability.