health safety regional planHealthy, safe and inclusive communities

  • Personal health and wellbeing self reported health, subjective wellbeing, life expectancy, adequate physical exercise, fruit and vegetable consumption, obesity, smoking, alcohol consumption and psychological distress.
  • Community connectedness feeling part of community, social support, volunteering and parental participation in schools.
  • Early childhood development AEDI, child health assessment, immunisation, and breastfeeding.
  • Personal and community safety perceptions of safety, crime, family violence and road safety.
  • Lifelong learning home internet access, apprenticeships and vocational training enrolments, destination of school leavers and school retention.
  • Racism racial discrimination in our region
  • Access to health services patient beds, residential aged care facilities and other health services.

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democratic community regional planDemocratic and engaged communities

Citizen engagement includes opportunities to have a say, participation, number of female councillors, opportunities to vote for trustworthy political candidates, membership of local organisations or decision making bodies.

Indicators of our social profile in this domain include:


Healthy, safe and inclusive communities

health regional plan

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Dynamic, resilient local communities

dynamic regional plan

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Sustainable built and natural environments


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Culturally rich and diverse communities

whats on art comp front

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Democratic and engaged communities

engaged regional plan

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