The Northern Rivers Social Change Collaboration brings community and government organisations together to work collectively to improve community wellbeing and attract and facilitate investment for positive social impact in the Northern Rivers region of NSW.

The group was established in February 2015 to support and manage the implementation of the Northern Rivers Regional Social Plan launched in early 2014. Membership started with Northern Rivers Social Development Council (NRSDC – now Social Futures), Regional Development Australia (RDA) Northern Rivers and other organisations that nominated as implementation partners for the plan before it was launched (CRANES, The Family Centre, Northern NSW Local Health District, North Coast Community Housing Company, North Coast NSW Medicare Local (now North Coast Primary Health Network), Nortec and Tursa.

The group is using a snowball method to identify and include additional organisations with interest and capacity to participate and contribute. Any organisation can nominate to join the Northern Rivers Social Change Collaboration. It now has 25 community and government organisations in its membership (see page 2). Terms of Reference are available on the Regional Social Plan website (

The group identified the following strengths of our region we can build on collectively.

Diversity  |  Proactive community  |  Resourceful people  |  Region of choice  |  Capacity to influence  |  Strong networks

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