Implementation Group Gets the Ball Rolling!

In February 2015 the Regional Social Plan Implementation Group was established to support and manage implementation of the plan.

The Implementation Group is using a snowball method to identify and include additional organisations with interest and capacity to participate and contribute. Any organisation can nominate to join the Implementation Group. It now has 24 community and government organisations in its membership (see page 2). Terms of Reference are available on the Regional Social Plan website.

Key action areas – opportunities for working collectively

Each of the desired future outcomes in the Regional Social Plan is support by potential measures, partners and strategies. At its March 2015 meeting the Implementation Group considered this detailed information, along with information about changes in the service delivery, funding and policy context in the region, and identified the following key action areas to focus its work and implementation plan.

  • Improving outcomes for children and young people
  • A collective approach to domestic and family violence, including prevention
  • Affordable housing investment and supply

The Implementation Group is preparing an implementation plan that uses a results based accountability framework to identify the results it is aiming to support in these key action areas, population indicators, partners who could contribute and proposals for collective action to commence after June 2015.


Click to see detailed information on the Regional Social Plan Implementation Group: Regional Social Plan Update: June 2015